thistle chopstick (burnzone) wrote in midgets_and_ham,
thistle chopstick

Midget, please bring me a bagel with ham.

Yes, I just joined midgets and ham. I think this is the best community . What could be better than midgets and ham? I love midgets because I love to give piggyback rides, and with midgets I can do it for hours…
And ham… well I don’t have all that much experience with it, because one time when I was 7 I ate way too much and got sick… haven’t really eaten it sense.

My name is Sky I’m soon to be 21 on October 10th. I’m from California but will be moving in a week or so to the place where there is a law that you can’t dance after 2:00am…this really sucks.
Music. I like : Afex Twin,dame fate, electralane, Tricky, Mum, modest mouse, TV on the radio, town and country, sleepy time gorilla museum, Anthrax, Rush, Rasputina, Little wings, lots or Emo shit… some techno.. more indie…. A bit of girl punk .
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