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Feed Them The Ham

they will eat it
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This is a Community about midgets and ham. The love of ham may be discussed and also the love of midgets. i.e. I love wee man from jack ass he is the best. and or Ham is so great i wish it was all i ate everday. This community is also about good music and other things of the sort ( movies shows etc.). At some times this community may have nothing to do with Midgets OR Ham at all. Just have some god damned fun fockers

The Modorators are:

Tara: cheetoface

Mike: wasted__words

In Order to Join the Midgets and Ham Community you must be approved by the moderators by filling out this evaluation form Below:

XX Your Name XX

XX Where do you live? XX

XX List some Music of your Interest, i.e. bands/singers XX

XX Your birthday and age XX

XX why did you decide to join Midgets_and_Ham? XX

XX A picture of yourself if you have one (this is not required) XX